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Lorie Ladd explains that the more light you hold, the more you are able to see through the dense systems that have been controlling humanity for a very long time.


Hello, everyone. Happy Friday. I love you sending you a big virtual hug. Wherever you are on the Earth plane in this now moment. I was meditating. I want to offer up the message that I got – the vision. I want to preface this by saying that there is no right or wrong in how each of us, you and I and all the rest of humanity, are navigating this evolution in our consciousness – this process of moving from lower states of consciousness to higher states of consciousness and this one dimensional field to the next

Your body is full of light. It’s continuing to hold more and more light and when it does it moves into higher states of consciousness – more frequency. Okay? It’s very natural and that’s what’s occurring. So there’s no right or wrong. We’re all going to be moving in this direction of higher states of consciousness. We’re all going to be evolving our consciousness.

So here’s what’s happening. And here’s what I encourage us to really start to pay attention to. We are in a dimensional field, many of us, called the third dimension which holds a spectrum of consciousness. We are shifting out of it. We are exiting it. It’s also called a matrix. It holds systems programs, paradigms, ways of being ways of living. We agreed to Incarnate into it. So we’re not victims to it. But unconsciously we agreed, okay? Consciously many of us don’t really think that we agreed to all of this, but we did okay?

Now in this matrix right now, this third dimensional field, there’s a political system. There’s a religious system. There’s an educational system. There’s a governmental system. There’s a medical system. There’s an environmental system. These are all systems that are run by humans and they are run by humans that are holding consciousnesses that are in pretty low states – meaning greed, manipulation, control, mind control, censorship, chaos. What else? Those are just a handful of them?

These systems, regardless of what they look like on the surface, have been designed, the foundation of these systems have been built by humans that are holding those consciousnesses. That’s the intention around the humans that have created all of these systems, whether they’re conscious of it or not. And over time: greed, control, manipulation – all of these consciousnesses that are in the humans that built these systems got bigger and bigger and bigger. And we as the humans were born into these systems. And on the surface these systems look very pretty.

But this is what’s happening We don’t see what’s behind that pretty screen. We just see what we’re told to see. We don’t we don’t see the greed, the control, the manipulation until we start to hold higher states of consciousness – more light in our bodies. And as soon as we start to hold more light in the body, we start to move into higher frequencies and we naturally begin to see through the illusion. And we actually start to see the density or the dark.

So the more you shine, the brighter you inside your body, the more light you hold, the more you are able to see through the dense systems that you have been in for a very long time.

You start to watch the media, you starts to watch the educational system, you start to watch the political system and what you realize is that all of these systems have been designed to pull you away from you. All of these systems have been designed to make you think that they have all the answers for you. It is a pulling out of you from your sovereignty to an external system. That’s the third dimension.

And when you start to hold higher states of consciousness, you naturally begin to see how you’ve been controlled, how you’ve been manipulated, what has actually been happening behind the scenes. You can see the dark you can see the density. You see beyond the illusion.

And this is what the ascension is all about. We are designed to come back into our bodies, into our sovereignty, into our voice, into our truth, into our choice and exit, detach from all of the systems that have told us that they have the answers, that they have the truth, that they have our best interest at hand, that they know what is best for us, that hey are going to heal us, that they are going to fix us etc, etc, etc.

It’s a natural process. You cannot move into a higher dimensional field, you cannot exit this Matrix without seeing the Matrix you’re in. You cannot hold love and light, thinking that that’s how you’re going to exit the Matrix and move into a higher dimensional field, if you can’t see the dark density in the systems that you have been standing and playing in. It’s impossible on an energetic level – just based on physics alone.

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