How Tuesday’s (Mar 16) Cosmic Alignment Will Give You The Can-Do Attitude You Need

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Today, a can-do vibe will linger in the air and you’ll find it much easier to get things do, thanks to a favorable pairing between the Sun and Pluto. If you’re looking for support or cooperation pertaining to a project you’re working on, you’ll find that people might be more easily convinced to jump on board.

Sun Sextile Pluto Transit

When the Sun sextiles Pluto, your need and desire to succeed is amplified. Your determination to reach your goals will be running hot as you have the support you need from the Cosmos to reach higher and take strides towards your dreams.

If you have any obsessive or compulsive tendencies, today, they may actually help you! If you harness your more obsessive traits, you might be able to power through this day and get difficult tasks done.

Is there anything you’ve been putting off? If so, make sure you put the wheels in motion today. You’ll find them easier to get done today and they may help you move towards the goals you’re chasing.

But it’s not just work and project based efforts that will be at the forefront this week, your level of attractiveness will also increase. A mysterious, sexual energy will come over you and make you seem more powerful, authoritative and attractive to others.

This certainly is a winner of a day, but only if you use the power in your hands responsibly. So, think about solution, collaborate with others and do what you can to get to the next level…


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