8 Ways To Use The Numerology of St. Paddy’s Day 2021 To Supercharge Your ‘Luck Of The Irish’

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There’s more luck to be had this St. Patrick’s Day than what our modern-day celebratory ‘traditions’ might tell you…

Because not only are we dealing with a Holiday that’s steeped in lucky tradition and high-vibrational energy, but the Numerology is also massively in our favor – lucky us!

This St. Paddy’s Day we have some serious 8 vibes at play in the universe…

Let’s take a look at the Numerology of today: March 17th, 2021.

March is an 8 Universal Month ( 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 8 ), and not only that – but St. Patrick’s Day itself falls on a Day Number of 8 ( 17 = 1 + 7 = 8 ). This means that we’ve got the power of number 8 being amplified and maximized today!

And it just so happens that the number 8 is associated with money, power, wealth, and influence… yep, pretty much all of the things that people consider to be ‘lucky’ when they fall into their lap.

So how exactly can you harness this energy and supercharge it to your own benefit this St. Patrick’s Day? Well (of course) we’ve got 8 ways for you…

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#1 Be ‘A Boss’, And Own It.

The number 8 is a natural-born leader, driven by a powerful (and constant) desire for success. The number 8 doesn’t shy away from giving orders or taking control of a situation, they know what needs to be done and they don’t waste any time getting there.

The 8 takes control, seizes opportunities, and makes sh*t happen. And that’s exactly how you need to carry yourself when the 8 vibration is this high.

Now, I know that this mindset shift isn’t easy for everyone, often because we fear being bossy, condescending, or rude… But remember that there’s a massive difference between leading with confidence and purpose… and barking orders for the sake of superiority. Trust me, you’ll know the difference.

# 2 Work Hard

The 8 knows that luck doesn’t mean sitting around and waiting for a miracle to happen… the 8 knows that luck means going out there and MAKING it happen. You will seldom see a Life Path 8 waiting for luck and good fortune to come to them (they’re much too ambitious, strategic, and goal-oriented for that).

And yet… Life Path 8’s are typically thought of as those lucky people who seemingly ‘have it all’. And there’s an important lesson we can all learn from that – when you work hard for what you want, believe that it will come to you, and have next-level confidence in your abilities – that’s when the good luck really starts flowing.

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#3  Shrug It Off

Another thing that the 8 is master at? Bouncing back from failures, letdowns, and missed opportunities. The 8 doesn’t sit around sulking after they’ve fallen off the horse – no, they get right back on! (which is exactly why they’re so ‘lucky’ all the dang time)

The thing is – life is bound to throw some mishaps and misfortune your way, but if you spend all your time thinking about it, talking about it, and complaining about it… well, guess what you’re doing? Focusing on it! Which is not what a lucky person does.

A lucky person sees the challenges and strifes, acknowledges them, holds space for them… and then promptly moves past them on their way to something better. Here’s your reminder: don’t spend too much time in the valley, because the best views are at the top.

#4 Look Inside

People often get so swept away with the material wealth and abundance that 8 is known for that they forget one of the most important features of number 8…

The number 8 is the abundant, divine, cosmic flow of energy.

Just like the infinity symbol – the abundance of number 8 does not only flow towards the material – it loops and swoops and encompasses everything. Including your inner world. Ask yourself: are you being kind to everyone? Do treat everyone fairly? Are you holding on to unhealthy grudges or resentments?

Think of these negative traits as roadblocks in the middle of your infinity symbol… abundance cannot flow if there’s a barrier in its way. For you to truly supercharge your luck, and see prosperity in all aspects of your life, you need to clear the debris from your infinity symbol.

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But you know it wouldn’t be a proper luck-of-the-Irish article unless we actually talk about… well, the luck of the Irish! So let’s explore some of the most common Irish folklore and modern-day traditions the bring in the good luck of St. Patrick!

#5 Wear Green

Many people know that they’re supposed to wear green on St. Patrick’s day… but how many actually know WHY?!

Green has long been associated with Ireland, even being nickname ‘Emerald Isle’… thanks to its luscious landscape of greenery and grassy hills. But most people don’t realize that this symbolism of color actually started out as a political statement when Britain was attempting to colonize the Irish.

Folklore says that leprechauns (who famously love to pinch everyone they meet) can’t see you if you’re wearing green – which is why many people dote green apparel on St. Patrick’s Day today.

So whether you’re wearing green in honor of Irish heritage or to save yourself a pinch (or two), you just can’t go wrong with green on St. Paddy’s Day.

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#6 Or, Plot Twist… Wear Blue

That’s right – most people don’t know that blue was the color of the original coat of arms when the Kingdom of Ireland was first created. And in fact, blue remains the national color of Ireland even today (shocking, I know!) Even St. Patrick himself wore blue which is now referred to as “St. Patrick’s Blue”.

As stated above, green didn’t really become “a thing” in Ireland until the rebellion against England.

So if green isn’t your color – you can still honor the Irish (and harness some good luck, perhaps) by doting some azure blue threads instead!

#7 Four-Leafed Clovers

Ah yes, everyone knows that finding four-leafed clovers is a tokin of good luck – by why?

St. Patrick actually used regular ‘ole three-leafed clovers to conduct his famous teachings (he used them to talk of the Holy Trinity, btw). So where does this whole four-leafed clover thing come into the picture?

Well as it turns out, four-leafed clovers are extremely rare! And that’s because clovers aren’t supposed to have four leaves, the fourth leaf comes from a genetic mutation. It’s about a 1/1000 chance that you’ll find a four-leafed friend, and THAT’S exactly why it’s thought to be good luck!

If four-leafed clovers weren’t so rare, then you would see them all of the time and it wouldn’t be near as special, magical, or serendipitous to find one.

The trick to finding that special clover in a field of 1000 others? Scanning the field fast! The human eye is excellent at spotting differences in patterns, so long as you aren’t overly-focusing on it. So don’t take it too seriously – have some fun with it!

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#8  The Biggest Lesson In Luck of Them All…

Truth be told “the luck of the Irish” is kind of an ironic statement, and it definitely didn’t stem from the Irish themselves. If you’ve studied the history of Ireland, you’d know that their past is anything but what we typically define as “lucky”… wrought with decades of extreme famine, oppression, and civil wars. The Irish were not what you would consider fortunate, and in fact, many countries around the world were not welcoming to the Irish population that was fleeing from the poor conditions of their country.

The term “luck of the Irish” is actually thought to be an insulting statement referring to dumb or blind luck, rather than genuine talent or skill.

So after taking all of this into consideration you might be wondering: Why the hell are we all try so hard to be Irish every year on St. Patrick’s Day?

And THAT is the biggest secret of them all… because true luck and fortune aren’t defined by how others perceive you. The luck and fortune of your life are completely separate from all of that.

And the Irish proved that time and time again. Despite their challenges, troubles, and turmoil – the Irish have always been a contagiously proud, charismatic, and a straight-up pleasant bunch of people to be around.

They realize that luck is something you get to choose and – just like the Numerology of 8 demands – they don’t sit around waiting for things to get better… They own their power, work hard, shrug off the struggles, and through it all – they stay kind, humble, and proud to be exactly who they are.

Now that’s what I call lucky.

What makes you feel LUCKY? Comment below!

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