Your Cosmic Guide To This Week: Your New Beginning Awaits

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Need a fresh start?

Well, good news, you’re about to get one! Get ready to close the book on the latest chapter of your life…

When the Sun leaves Pisces and enters bold Aries on Saturday, ripples of new beginning energy will be felt across the collective

This day also marks the Equinox — an undeniable and totally unavoidable marker of epic change…

Simply put, the countdown is on to the Astrological New Year

And, trust us, you’ll want to step into this year unobstructed from success.

So, heed this warning…

You have five days to let go of anything holding you back from the greatness you truly deserve

Luckily for you, the Universe has your back. 

Each day this week, a new Cosmic alignment allows you to address anything that’s currently standing in your way.

Come Saturday, if you’ve done all the groundwork, you should be ready to welcome this new era with open arms.

Oh, and good news, love and financial success are top of the Universe’s New Year’s resolutions…

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Read below to get your guide to every day this week…

Monday (March 15th 2021)

Today, the messenger planet, Mercury moves into Pisces. Under this sky, we can feel a lot like we’re moving through a dream world.

Astrology that makes it hard to distinguish fact from fantasy, you’ll likely spend a lot of time with your head in the clouds. But that’s ok, today is all about thinking with your heart…

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Tuesday (March 16th 2021)

Today, a can-do vibe will linger in the air and you’ll find it much easier to get things done, thanks to a favorable pairing between the Sun and Pluto. If you’re looking for support or cooperation pertaining to a project you’re working on, you’ll find that people might be more easily convinced to jump on board.

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Wednesday (March 17th, 2021)

There’s more luck to be had this St. Patrick’s Day than what our modern-day celebratory ‘traditions’ might tell you…

Because not only are we dealing with a Holiday that’s steeped in lucky tradition and high-vibrational energy, but the Numerology is also massively in our favor – lucky us!

This St. Paddy’s Day we have some serious 8 vibes at play in the universe…

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Thursday (March 18th, 2021)

Need to get your point across? Today is the day to do it! When Venus Sextiles Pluto today, your charm will be your best form of defense. It’s time to put a smile on your dial and kill me with kindness! Remember, you catch more flies with honey!

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Friday (March 19th, 2021)

Tomorrow, the Sun leaves Pisces (the final sign of the zodiac) and starts a new Astrological Year when it steps boldly into Aries. Each year, this move also triggers another astro-event, filled with potent ‘new beginning’ energy, the Equinox.

In the northern hemisphere, this is the Spring Equinox. In the southern hemisphere, it’s the Autumn Equinox. But no matter where you are in the world, one thing is clear; change is coming…

And you better be ready!

Luckily, the Cosmos isn’t throwing too much your way today, giving you the opportunity to prepare to usher in the glorious New Astrological Year tomorrow. Here are 5 things you must do today to give yourself the best chance of a fresh, amazing new start.

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Saturday (March 20th, 2021)

Happy New Astrological Year. Happy Equinox! Happy Saturday. There are just so many happy vibes going on right now that you won’t be able to avoid smiling today.

This is a pivotal point that you cannot ignore. New beginnings, paradigm shifts and big changes await!

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Sunday (March 21st, 2021)

Today Venus moves into Aries.

Venus in Aries is a go-getting transit, especially when it comes to Venus’ two main focusses; love and money. By its very nature, Aries is bold, determined, confident and enthusiastic. So, when the astro-ram teams up with the planet of love and money, you better believe he’s going to go after what he wants… and not stop til he gets it!

So, if you’ve been previously on the fence about whether or not to chase that big love or take the leap from a financial sense, get ready for this transit to push you right out of your comfort zone.

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