Astrology Bytes Episode 128 – Mercury Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

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128 - Mercury Through the Houses in the Natal Chart


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Created by Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady (psst…I am known for tarot but I’m also an astrology geek!).

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Episode 128 – Mercury Through the Houses in the Natal Chart

Mercury is the Messenger planet and is associated with communication and thinking. 

There are twelve houses in the natal chart. You can go back to older episodes to learn about the attributes of each house. 

Where Mercury is placed in your natal chart shows the areas of your life or activities that occupy your mind or impact your communication. 

1st: Mercury in the first house indicates a personality that is curious and talkative. You have an intellectual outlook on life and might be intellectually competitive. It may be hard to shut you up at times though.

2nd: Mercury in the second house means your mind is preoccupied with money and business. Like Snoop Dogg, “You’ve got your mind on your money and your money on your mind.” You might make your living through a career in writing, teaching, or communications. 

3rd: Mercury in the third house is accidentally dignified since this house corresponds with Gemini. If you have Mercury in the third, you’re probably quick-witted, intelligent, and a great speaker. You have a way with words. This placement can also indicate a nervous mind – or a tendency to gossip way too much.

4th: Mercury in the fourth means a lot of mental activity happens in the home. There may be noisy family life, or you may work from home. It’s also possible that home may be a place of study or your parents were well-educated. Sometimes this can indicate many moves or a nomadic lifestyle. 

5th: Mercury in the fifth house gives an intellectual interest in the arts. For example, you may be a critic or screenwriter. You can express your ideas in a bold, dramatic fashion. Because the 5th house is associated with speculation, it can also indicate an interest in the stock market. Parents or teachers who invest a lot of energy into children’s education may have this placement as well. On the low vibe, it can also mean you’re approach to romance is too analytical. The “no one is good enough” vibe can be an afflicted fifth house Mercury. 

6th: Mercury in the sixth house means you need work to be mentally stimulating. You may go into a specialized line of work or might be interested in medicine, science, or technology careers. Disorder of any sort can affect your health. 

7th: Mercury in the seventh house indicates communication is vital for your relationships. You need to have mental compatibility in order for harmony. This placement can be great for anyone who works in law or public relations. However, it can also indicate a preoccupation with what other people think. 

8th: Mercury in the eighth house might mean you’re interested in researching the mysteries of life. You’re psychic and great at getting to the bottom of things. You may also possess mediumship abilities. It’s often thought that people with this placement are secretive – or like to plot revenge!

9th: Mercury in the ninth house creates a desire to broaden one’s horizons through higher education and travel. There may be an interest in philosophy, law, or religion. If you have this placement, travel is a balm for your soul and you may visit many countries in your lifetime. If negatively aspected, you could be an intellectual snob or religious hypocrite.

10th: Mercury in the 10th house can mean you pursue education to further your ambitions – or you’re in a career where you engage with the public in some way. For example, you may be a politician, speechwriter, journalist, or public speaker. You can communicate with the public well. If your Mercury is afflicted, your words could get you into trouble. 

11th: Mercury in the 11th indicates an interest in mentally stimulating friendships and associations. You may have many friends that you like to keep in contact with or a broad network of associates that help support your goals. You might also be involved in humanitarian work. 

12th: Mercury in the 12th house indicates a mind that needs quiet from time to time. Periods of solitude benefit you greatly. You might be secretive with your thoughts – or you may be hesitant to say what you mean. In some cases, Mercury in the 12th could indicate psychic ability or neurotic tendencies based on past experiences. 

Those are some quick thoughts about the Moon in the natal chart houses. If you want to learn more, be sure to grab a copy of Astrology for Real Life – a No BS Guide for the Astro-Curious. I also recommend Planets in Houses: Experiencing Your Environment Planets by Robert Pelletier. 

Grab your astrology chart, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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