The Hit List – Cat Assumptions

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The Hit List - Cat Assumptions

The other night, Monkey curled up on my lap for his nightly purr and petting session. Occasionally, we’ll have a brushing extravaganza, which he adores. But this time, there would be none of that because I noticed globs of drool around his muzzle.

I wasn’t squeamish about that part. Instead: I was panicked.

The reason why: last year my other cat TaoZen passed away – and a few months before he died, he was also drooling. Immediately, my brain went to THAT – and suddenly, I was fearing the worst. I was knee-deep in “cat assumptions,” and looking up every single thing on the internet to confirm my theories!

But the vet came by, examined his mouth, and said it was some gingivitis, nothing more. There were no tumors, no infections, or mouth ulcers. Just an aging set of teeth ’n gums (Monkey is 13).


It’s interesting how fast we go to those worst-case scenarios, especially if there is a past lived experience. I had to remind myself this is a different cat, with his own unique genes/issues/ and body. (The doc remarked that Monkey had a mighty trim waist! He’s fit!)

I think this is something a lot of folks can relate to in some way. We assume that the same situation is about to happen – particularly if it’s something we perceive as “bad.” Those negative experiences seem to get branded onto our consciousness while the positive ones are too quickly forgotten.

We might agree assumptions can sometimes be right, but it’s best to approach every situation with an open mind instead of preconceived notions. Because what looks like major drama might simply be a case of a cat with poor dental hygiene.

The next time you find yourself anticipating the worst, take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself: am I feeling what’s true to this situation – or is this reminding me of something I’ve experienced before? A moment of mindfulness might keep you centered on the now – and that is a more accurate place to be.

The Hit List - Cat Assumptions

Resting up.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Open windows


Cats sleeping in sunspots

New tunes from around the world

Reliable people

Soundtrack for 2/27/21:

Смерти Больше Нет /Death No More by IC3PEAK


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